TMC2208 V2 Stepstick Style Stepper Driver

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Product Description

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TMC2208 stepper motor driver module in the common StepStick style format

NOTE: the information below is supplied as a guide, but do your own homework.  If you spot incorrect information please let me know

  • Plug in replacement for A4988 & DRV8825 on any board that accepts StepStick format drivers
  • 1/2 – 1/16 microstepping when in ‘Legacy mode’ (this is Non UART mode, microstepping set by MS1/Ms2 jumpers)
  • StealthChop2 mode – automatically optimizes settings for noise reduction. Works by default and does not require configuration
  • Multiple advanced features available in UART mode
  • maximum 1.2A RMS operating (in this implementation despite datasheet saying maximum 1.4A)
  • Motor direction MAY be reversed compared to your current stepper drivers

Quiet stepper motor Drivers TMC2208

  • Input voltage: 5.5-36V
  • Max current: 1.2A continuous RMS
  • Micro Stepping: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 (Higher if UART mode)
  • Heat sink included so USE IT


Module pins:

Make sure you orient it correctly in your controller board or you may kill it

Microstep settings (Hardwired, can be set to up to 1/256 in UART mode):

Micro stepping jumpers
1/8 step 0 0 NA
1/2 step 1 0 NA
1/4 step 0 1 NA
1/16 step 1 1 NA

Current settings

  • Current is calculated as RMS
  • Sense resistors are 0.1R
  • Both Logic (usually 5V) and Motor supply voltages need to ON to set the current
  • Motor can be disconnected or connected to set the current BUT never connect/disconnect motors when any voltage is on
  • The output motor current is set according to VREF.  VRef can be measured measured between the top of the potentiomer and GND
TMC2208 if RSense = 0.1 Ohm
If measured VREF (V) is.. Then resulting IRMS (Motor RMS in AMPS) is..
0.4 0.28
0.5 0.35
0.6 0.42
0.7 0.50
0.8 0.57
0.9 0.64
1.0 0.71
1.1 0.78
1.2 0.85
1.3 0.92
1.4 0.99
1.5 1.06
1.6 1.13
1.7 1.20
2.5 1.77




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