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Product Description

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Generic CNC Shield V4 for Arduino Nsno

  • Accepts Arduino Nano onboard, or alternatively connect directly to the board from any applicable other MCU controller
  • Requires up to 3 Polulu style drivers (A4988 & Stepstick 8825 etc available here)


I am selling these of CHEAP because you will need to do some research to use these

If you purchase this product it is up to you to determine how to use.  Below is what I believe are the main issues

So it turns out this common clone was poorly cloned..  It has a few some design issues including:

  • Issue: Microstepper Jumpers common side are connected to Gnd (Should be 5V)
  • Impact:
    • Placement of Microstepping Jumpers per each of the 3 drivers does nothing = Full Step mode only
  • Solution if microstepping required:
    • Remove each of the 3 jumpers per each of the three drivers
    • On the rear side of the PCB, solder jumpers between the required microstepping jumper pins and 5V (see image below)
  • Issue: Nano MCU pins are mapped other than as documented
    • Expected:  X, Y, Z dir are connected to D5, D6, D7 and step to D2, D3, D4.
    • Actual: X, Y, Z dir are connected to D2, D3, D4, step to D5, D6, D7
  • Solution: In Arduino IDE, modify GRBL
    • In cpu_map.h (for  grbl 1.1f) or grbl-master\grbl\cpu_map\cpu_map_atmega328p.h (for grbl 0.9J)
      • #define X_STEP_BIT 5 // Uno Digital Pin 2
        #define Y_STEP_BIT 6 // Uno Digital Pin 3
        #define Z_STEP_BIT 7 // Uno Digital Pin 4
        #define X_DIRECTION_BIT 2 // Uno Digital Pin 5
        #define Y_DIRECTION_BIT 3 // Uno Digital Pin 6
        #define Z_DIRECTION_BIT 4 // Uno Digital Pin 7

Here is a diagram if you want to hardwire any of the microstepping pins:

You also need to be careful with connection of power supplies:

Unless you wan to fry your Nano & stepper drivers:

  • Do not connect more than 12v to the DC In Jack, else you will possibly/probably fry your Nano & stepper drivers (A4988 etc)
  • Do not connect more than 12v to MOT_VCC and Mot_GND when jumper Mot_VOT_Sel  is installed


  • You have at least 3 possible power configurations
    • Option 1 (Single power supply to DC In Jack)
      • WHEN Mot_VOT_Sel jumper IS INSTALLED
        • AND 7 to a Maximum 12V is plugged into the DC In Jack
      • THEN:
        • Powers Nano & Logic side of Stepstick (e,g, A4988) drivers
        • Powers Motors via the Mot_VOT_Sel jumper
    • Option 2 (single power supply to MOT_VCC and Mot_GND)
      • WHEN Mot_VOT_Sel jumper IS INSTALLED
        • AND 7 to a Maximum 12V is connected to MOT_VCC and Mot_GND
      • THEN:
        • Powers Motors
        • Powers Nano & Logic side of Stepstick (e,g, A4988) drivers via the Mot_VOT_Sel jumper
    • Option 3
      • WHEN Mot_VOT_Sel has jumper is NOT INSTALLED
        • AND 7 to a Maximum 12V is plugged into the DC In Jack
        • AND  up to a Maximum 24V is  connected to MOT_VCC and Mot_GND
      • THEN
        • Powers Nano & Logic side of Stepstick from DC In Jack
        • Powers motors from MOT_VCC and Mot_GND


  • There is a 4th option, powering the Nano directly by its USB port but I am yet to find out if the jumper 3V3-Gnd needs to be installed for this
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