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Note we sell a mix of ‘normal’ 6mm T-Slot profile & also the ‘V-Slot’ variant.

Common to both T-SLot & the ‘V-Slot’ variant:
– External dimensions, e.g. 20mm x 20mm, 20mm x 40mm etc
– 6mm T-Slots have the same internal dimensions so use the same nuts/t-bolts/brackets

For the majority of applications you can substitute the ‘V-Slot’ variant for normal T-Slot or vice versa

– T-Slot: center hole = 5mm ID (can only be tapped M6)
– V-Slot: center hole = 4.2mm ID (can be tapped M5 or M6)
– V-Slot: is ~10% heavier (more aluminium mostly due to 4.2mm center hole)
– V-Slot The top edge of the T-Slot is bevelled at approximately 45 degrees to suit Openbuild style pulley wheels